3rd: A painting in my dream

Only the 3rd idea in my journey, and I missed the date.

Initially, I planned the posting would always happen in Friday, so it would not interfere with my weekend activities. I guess I should now remove this rule. Friday I was busy in working out another idea at work, which seemed to be more important at that time. Saturday I was with the kid all day, since my wife had to work.

It comes out, it is actually a good thing.

Earlier I was going to post an old idea if I did it on Friday, but today (Sunday) I have a different idea.

I had a dream last night. A dream about a painting. I don’t know why I had such a dream, and I am also less interested in understanding what it implies. But it is an idea, which is, I should try to paint it in my later stage of life.

The painting in my dream is much sophisticated and complete. But overall, it looks something like this:

the painting in my dream

the painting in my dream

Basically, it is a person with a huge head, but very small body. In my dream, the person is simply just thinking. Yes, something like the thinker. But the illustration is much exaggerated (expanded). Unfortunately, when I sketched it, I had to put a desk and a computer in front of person, otherwise, it looks very weird.

The painting should be in oil. I am not sure if it is really the case in my dream, but that is what I think I will do.

The background, I am thinking I can use different shade of blues. I also want to make it a little more interesting. Maybe I first use light grey to carve some text first, and then on the top of it, I put the blue color. So through the shade, I can still see the text. Regarding the text, all I was thinking (at the moment I woke up and decided to put this as my 3rd idea) was the lyric from this song. However, to be further interesting, I want to have one line of the lyric, and then another line of source code in either Scala or F#. Random code, or real code from a real project, haven’t decided it yet. Or maybe just Javascript, which may expose more pain points.

A very close painting (I quickly search on Internet) is probably something like this one:

Unfortunately, when I showed my sketch to my wife. She asked if I was trying to draw this guy:

It gave me a double face palm.

Anyway, that concludes the idea of this week.