10th: How cars talk to each other?

I came out with this idea while driving the other day.

The car ahead of me drove me crazy that day:

  1. It did not close the gas cap, so the cover was dangling, very uncomfortable to watch;
  2. It did it twice, NOT just once —- changing lane without using the signal. Once it cut me through, the second time it cut another car to different lane.

I was literally doing this gesture, twice!

So I was thinking: how can I communicate with another car, but the driver is a complete stranger?

I guess I could use hand gesture, like waving, which most people do when the car behind let us cut in. But in this case, I need to transmit more information.

What about something like this: Led Programmable Sign Board for cars?

car mounted rear LED message

car mounted rear LED message

I suppose it could work; however, I would have to first drive in front of that car, and then quickly punch the message I want to say, and then I have to make sure I stay long enough before the target car, so that driver can finish reading my message, since the message will be scrolling.

Honking, seems to be the only option left. But it will not be easy to reveal the message. For example, I believe we all have seen some cars forget the changing the turn signal back, or turning off the emergence light, or even in this case, leaving the gas cap dangling.

In the future, cars can probably talk to each to exchange information such as speed and distance, but without consent, cars can never forward a message from the driver, so humans in different cars can never really communicate.

I feel this is a problem…