21: Get paid for not doing something

Prime day is over.

I actually cancelled my Prime member quite a while ago. I still buy stuff from Amazon, occasionally, but I don’t buy because it’s a specific sale for members only, or because I have free shipping, or because it’s a big national events.

I did NOT check Prime day at all, in fact, I did not care.

Nowadays, we have so many get paid for doing something:

  • you can get paid for working out.
  • you can get paid for driving a stranger.
  • you can get paid for publishing your stupid home video.

Why can’t we get paid for doing nothing?

I should get paid for not shopping at Amazon on Prime day!

We all should get paid for overcoming our inner desire!!

You were tempted by the ice cream store when passing by but you did not go in, you should get paid as well!!!

I guess it will not work, because it is very hard to track. I did not say I always come up with ideas that work.

However, insurance companies are now paying incentive for drivers who do NOT drive radically. Hmm, I just realize that doing nothing means doing something in opposite. For example, someone gets paid for driving Dave, then Dave does NOT drive, so Dave should get rewarded as well. This is theory of relativity!

But how can we translate it to online shopping?

Someone gets paid for shopping on Prime day. I actually get paid already for NOT shopping on Prime day, because I did not spend anything.

How come I don’t feel any satisfied at all….

not shopping is a win too