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How Shaw Cable sucks | Something is Enlightening

How Shaw Cable sucks

I finally decide to blog this, simply Shaw Cable’s new online customer centre sucks so much. The real problem is like no on really tested the system.

I used to be happy with its system, where I can log on to read my bill and pay it. Now I can’t do it anymore.

Let’s see its fancy new system log on page.

I enter my user name and password and hit Log In button. Immediately I will see this very unpleasant page

First, it’s NOT a good feedback page, because it doesn’t tell me where goes wrong. If it’s my password wrong or if my account is locked, or if their stupid system crashes every time I try to log in? No information!

Second, it’s hilarious, because when I click “Back” button (as what the page suggests). I can see this:

My name shows up at the top-right corner of the log in page. It looks like I am actually logged in? If you think so, NOT REALLY.

When I hit Create an Account or Webmail, I will get the Oopsie page again.

What a joke.

In addition, I did try to see if I “forgot” my password.Then I found out, Shaw Cable doesn’t allow me to recover my password at all, because for some reason, my account doesn’t have a phone number associated with as the following image shows

If I leave the phone number empty, then I am not allowed to proceed because it’s a required field.

Anyway, I think I can make a phone call to have it fixed, but I am not going to do that because it’s time-wasting to call Shaw (I know I be on-hold for at least 30 minutes).

I am not sure why my account doesn’t have a phone number. I guess it could be when they migrate to the “new” system, they lost part of the clients’ data.

The real reason I am extremely disappointed is not their system being stupid, it’s that they ignore my feedback. I sent them an email telling them the system doesn’t work properly after the upgrade. That might be 2 or 3 months ago. No one responded at all.

About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I got the email notification about my billing (of course, they never screw that up). I decided to reply that email asking when the heck they will realize their system is not working.

This time they did respond, after a few days though. But the response was standard defensive nonsense, which as we all know, blaming to the clients first. They said it’s due to my browser’s cache. Ha ha, classic! Of course it has nothing to do with my cache; I wish it was, then it’s even worse. This is a thin-client application, you have to consider the client might have a cache, so your new program can NOT be screwed with those cache.It definitely has nothing to do with caching, because I used different machines to try. So I responded that email again, but they never replied any more.

Anyway, apart from the bad user interface of their new system, the whole incidence is a huge disappointment. Since Shaw Cable is a big company; it increases the internet bill every year; it has huge money; but it’s giving customers such a crappy platform.

I will NOT call them to fix my account, because the account used to work fine. They upgrade the system without notifying any of us and then screw up some accounts. That’s absolutely their fault. I now announce “Shaw cable sucks!”.

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