Why should you run too?

Surpringly, running has become a very important part of my life. Even though I don't have as much chance as I hope because of many reasons, I try my best to gain at least 2 to 3 hours of running each week. Here are some reasons why you should run too.

Wait, seriously, who wants to read another posts about why running is important. Don't be lazy. OK, I can Google it for you.

If you feel too much to read, here is a very good poster I find (courtesy of greatist).

From a Programmer's point of view

What I want to emphasize in this post are more related to why a software programmer should run:

  1. A good way to organize your thoughts

    Yes, showering does that too and most people know that secrete. Running is a fantastic way to organize my thoughts. It gives me a space and a peroid of time to smooth my mind, especially useful when working on something for a while.

    As a software programmer, I often (unconsciously) enter a zone of working on a specific problem for too long and end up forgetting about other possible factors. Sometimes the code becomes stubborn (please forgive a programmer is writing literature), that is, all the code are written to solve the problem not to work with other people. That is usually when refactoring comes in. Running is the perfect time for me to go through what I have done and allow me to organize what the better implementation could be.

  2. Time to get up

    As a software programmer, I suffer from lower-back pain and arm fatigue. For a while, I suspected that I had carpal tunnel syndrome. I had seen physiotherapy and massage therapy for my lower back. I had tried acupuncture for my hand problem. None of them works better than running. Occassionally, the pain in those areas still comes back, but as soon as I go out and have a run, they will go away.

  3. See things outdoor

    We all know that we should not stare at monitors but how much time a programmer actually goes out and sees things. Sorry, I was not like that before. I used to like staying at home and I could literally sit in front of my computer all day except getting up to eat and go to washroom. Yet, pretty much like the person in that cartoon.

    After running, I enjoy outdoor much more. I live in a place with some harsh weather, but that does not prevent me from running in winter time with minus 30 degree temperture. It is actually very beautiful as long as I dress properly. I sometimes do trail running, not too much, but I really love it. I had seen huge fluffy bunnies in winter time. I had seen fox and deers in the forest. Things outdoor are really lovely.

  4. Be persistent and confident

    Let's admit it that life is not easy for anyone. Definition of success is different to all. However, whatever your goals are, you should be persistent. One thing I learn from running is, if I can finish a 2 hours of running, I believe that I can complete anything.


I believe that the most important part in running is, no one will judge you how fast and how long you can run. You can certainly go join a running club, which will definitely help you pick up running. But there is nothing wrong that you run on your own. I mostly run alone, because I enjoy the little me-time and I also purposely disconnect me from all digital devices (except my Garmin GPS watch). As a software programmer who always thinks a lot, running is very important to me. It is like a booster to help me think more and think better.

If you like running and use Strava, let's follow each other. I love to get to know more runners.

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