1st Idea: 1000 unrelated ideas

For years I have been trying to write a blog. However, I was never able to find a topic and stick to it.

Sometimes I want to write about coding as that is really primary daily activity. Unfortunately I am really not a very smart programmer. After all, there are way too many of these blogs all over the places and they are way more helpful.

Sometimes I want to write about user experience, as that is what I studied at grad school and my passion. I once even came out this idea that I would take photo of every poor experience I encounter in the real world and share in my blog. This is definitely not a novel idea, because I am pretty sure I have seen someone’s website exactly like that. Later I realize that I will have to be a person who constantly travel the world to make that blog work.

One night, for no reason I suddenly woke up around 4AM. I checked my phone. In retrospect, it is probably a better idea not to put your phone near where you sleep. I noticed the phone recommend a post about Howard Shultz’s president run. I opened it and read it (again, didn’t know why I even did that). I felt pretty disappointed after reading it, so I seriously made a comment. If anyone is curious, here is the link to the comment and the post.

After making that comment, I closed my eyes, but all I was thinking was to say something about what I would do to the health care if I were the president of United States. Can you believe that?

Also, guess what, no surprise, I lost the sleep for the rest of that night.

The good news is, the very next day, I realize that who kind of person I have always been. I am a:
– day dreamer
– fantasizer
– unrealistic-er (?)

Basically, I am very good at nonsense, exactly just like my 7-year old daughter!

I should write a blog with nonsense as the topic!

I used to have so many nonsense ideas, some totally useless ideas, some Startup ideas, some funny ideas, maybe some even good ideas. I should put them together and write them up!

So here comes the first idea:

Writing a blog with 1000 unrelated ideas.

From 2019, March 1st, each week I will try my best to write up 1 idea (either I used to come up, or I will come up in the future), to 1000 of them. This should be fun. It serves no purpose or any intention, simply just want to see what I would gather in the end.