29: What would I do if I were the one writing the movie Yesterday?

We watched the movie Yesterday the other day.

It’s definitely an interesting movie with a fresh idea.

However, I feel something is missing in the movie, but I couldn’t tell right away, so I went to read how other people feel.

Of course no matter what, there will be always different people feel differently.

Here is one I found from IMDB:


1, the plot was either so corny or so contrived, some plot twists were just unnecessary and added nothing.

2, Elle, played by Lily James, lost our sympathy, she was presented as needy and pathetic and just as the culmination of him achieving “their” dream, she tries to make him choose between his dream and her.

3, The conclusion was unsatisfactory, he wanted to be a musician and was fabulous at it, he ended up a teacher, big mistake.

I do agree some side plots are unnecessary, but I disagree other two points:

  • Ellie, who has been believing and loving him for so many years, but Jack really never gives any proper response other than that almost one-night-stand. She realizes she is going to lose him, all she wants is actually just an answer or probably a vague promise, but Jack still fails to deliver. I really don’t feel she is forcing Jack to choose between his dream and her.
  • In the later part of the movie, I think Jack realizes being happy and successful does not have to be famous. That is the first thing he realizes. The second things is, he sucks at creating his own music. No one really likes his own music. Honestly, you can love something, but that thing might not really be your only choice. In the end, he shares all the music he loves, he finds the person he loves (and he fights for it), he has a good family, and yes, he ends up being a teacher, but he is fulfilled and he is happy. That is the most important thing.

Sure, the plot is corny and cheesy, like many other have said: it ends up being just a love story.

I then understand what I feel about this movie is missing.

The writers were overthinking?

This is just my personal opinion, it doesn’t have to be right.

I feel the writers were overthinking with such a fresh idea.

They want to have the romance elements:

  • two kids growing up, the girl likes the boy, supports him, and stands by him;
  • the boy chases his own dream without realizing the most important person is always there;
  • the love songs;
  • the almost one-night-stand and spark;
  • the running and catching the plane;
  • the awkward love announcement in the concert (honestly that part is terrible)

They want to have the mystery elements:

  • the entire planet went black out;
  • why only 3 people remain the memory, or do they, or do they forget something?
  • where are the other 4 Beatles members, have they ever met each other?
  • if there is no Harry, what else and why?
  • is his friend still sober, if there is no more cigarettes?

They also want to have comedy:

  • Jack’s parents;
  • Jack’s idiot friends;
  • Jack himself;
  • Meeting John Lennon;

What would I do?

I love the idea of this movie, but what would I do to make this movie different?

I guess I would not touch this movie at all. Just let it be (no pun intended), it is a hit-and-miss movie and make people ask question, or let some people down, which is not necessarily a bad thing. However, I will write 2 additional movies.

Yesterday – The Woman

This movie is from the angle of the woman, who is one of the two people remembering Beatles. In this movie, we will see many scenes shown in the first movie, where Jack visited Liverpool etc. And it’s a movie about her looking for members of Beatles. That’s how she found John Lennon. She also finds out for some reason, all those were supposed to happen among those people (in Beatles) were altered, so they never met each other.

She is searching for the answer, luckily she finally meets with someone to help. The man.

This one should be a comedy, because this woman is relatively elderly and she barely knows about Internet. She is seen to have dementia at first, and ends up in a hospital with a lot of funny scenes.

In this movie, she will meet all members of Beatles. Some can be played by actors, if possible, Paul McCartney should play himself. Actually, Paul should play himself with dementia, and he falls in love with the lady, somehow they are on the way together to search for other members. Of course, Beatles music will go through the movie, but not as much as the first one.

How does this one end? I think it will end with a twist, like someone dies, which is usually never expected in a comedy, the woman is sucked into a turbulence and disappear.

Yesterday – The Man

Of course this one is about that man.

What can we do with that man?

How about that man is from the future, who was jealous the accomplishment of Beatles and went back to the past and destroyed their success?

That would be real corny.

I will hope this one is a thriller and mystery, if not, it should be a sci-fi, with many scenes from the first two movies mixed in it. This one should answer many questions like: why coke disappears? why no Harry Porter? why no cigarette? why no Beatles? It should connect all the dots.

In fact, that man is actually Paul McCartney himself. He is playing a game in the future. A sophisticated computer VR game that people can play in history, alter history, and see what will happen. This game is like Westworld with multiple people can play in a virtual world. However, there were some hackers. The blackout was actually a hack and a reset. In the world, most people get their memory slightly rewritten, only a few group of people have those memory remained. The Man is one of them. He is trying to restore the memory for the entire world, but he must find allies. If he is not careful, he will be discovered by the hackers and then his memory will be wiped out.

This plot is still a little corny but kinds of makes sense. I will think about it more later. I never say I am a good movie writer, but maybe I could try to be one, starting from a crappy story writer first.