56: FotoAssemblyline is out in Microsoft Store

Lately I spent some time converting some of my old code to an app, but of course with some new libraries.

I published this app FotoAssemblyline to Microsoft Store. It is built using WinUI3 v 0.85 and SkiaSharp, but some of the algorithm comes from a component I built over 10 years ago.

The app can apply image filters, add a frame, or place watermark text to multiple photos in one shot.

It could be a useful tool for photographer to massively watermark their works.

The motivation is for me to pick up writing something on my own and learn something about Windows UI development. So far I think the most interesting thing is Partner Center, which is truly terrible, however, it was probably only because my old hotmail account being associated with a weird situation, after I changed to a brand new account, thing became much easier.