50: I am back and here is a new package published couple days ago

Wow, I am back. My last post was in the end of April and now it is the end of November. Definitely a lot of things have happened in the last 7 months.

  • We are in another lock down due to the pandemic.
  • The election is “almost” over, except someone refuses to admit.
  • School is not open, so I have been working from home with the kid, for almost 10 months now.
  • I have moved to a new team! Same company but a different team.

What I want to do next is becoming more and more clear to me, and everything is still in progress. Stay tuned.

Here is a new NuGet package I just published couple days ago.


Here is the source code.

The motivation is from an old post: A simple question: how do I execute a command every minute?

I actually have had a few opportunities to use the features (from the package) in my real world work projects, therefore, I decide to publish it. Check it out and you may find it useful.