33: Here is my first comic attempt

First, 32 was still in a draft, discussing an idea about retail, extended from 31: Retail is not really dead – Part One. Therefore, this is really 33. I will publish 32 later.

Second, I have been busy, sad, and grumpy lately, for many reasons that I don’t really want to discuss. Remember the other day I drew a “Miss Pizza”, see 30: To be a successful storyteller, one must include PIZZA. I was then thinking: maybe in a post-apocalyptic world, there will be no human, but strange things become like human. For example, a slice pizza, or even a sandwich. Here comes the new super heroes:

  • Miss Pizza: She can feed you with pepperoni that make you feel comfortable and forget to continue fighting.
  • Sandwich Man: He will keep telling you to eat vegetables and keep nagging you till you faint out.
  • Banjo Guy: He is loud and non-stop until you cannot stand his noise and run away.

Maybe there will be more. I don’t know. I actually quite like the drawing of Sandwich Man. He is cute and at least looks normal.

So here is my first attempt:

I forget to mention Benjo Guy is always grumpy. Then I feel more sad of just thinking about where this story will go, so I stop.

Tonight, I drew this:

I usually don’t sleep very well. I guess if I want to draw a comic, I have to start from somewhere. Not particularly beautiful, but why do I care? It’s just an accurate depiction of what my common nights feel like.

Actually, I first tried this:

Couldn’t decide which one is better. But I am thinking maybe I start drawing a story about a middle-aged man’s daily life. Sure, no one will be interested, but again, why should I care?