55: New Website Idea [Updated]!

Just thought of a new website idea. I think I am going to do it. I am actually feeling good and excited about this idea. The domain name I was thinking earlier is registered already, but that is not a big deal, I can find another similar one.

I will not leak too much detail at the moment (as I am seriously considering to do it, and I may need to refine the implementation more). Basically, it is inspired by all the negativities over the world, especially in United States. I am thinking about a website that will let you share you negative feeling, but also provide a place to turn the negative to positive. The target audience is probably, kids, teens, or anyone wants to find a reliable source. It will be a little bit like wiki, but with a very specific psychological scope and design.

Stay tuned!

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do it at all. LOL! I am going to just share in here.

The idea is to create something like ProductHunt, but the topic focus is: Why am I hating it?

Anyone can request a topic in this focus, for example

  • I hate Math
  • I hate eating vegetables
  • I hate grass
  • I hate reading books
  • I hate cantaloupe
  • I hate vaccine

The content provider will try to create/collect a series of educational materials to explain why the thing you hate can be useful, or how to become useful.

It may sound dumb, but the intent is simply gathering good and true information about a subject, so people can find their answers.