47: Fantastic interfaces and where to find them

This is the second part of the previous post: 46: Define Interface

With everything happening around the world lately, I think it is important to do things that make our own feeling alive. I decide to add a new category in this blog called Fantastic interfaces, which I will use to record what interfaces I admire in the future.

It does not have to be digital, it could be anything in our life, like what I mentioned in 46: Define Interface. I think it will be fun.

In the last week, I picked up the book No Interface and read it from beginning again. The book is mostly about how to remove from app-based or screen-based thinking and focus on users’ goals to achieve the optimal experience. I believe last time when I read, I liked the idea. After so many years that I forget what I have already read, I still like the idea. And the world still hasn’t changed.

If anything, maybe the world has started recognizing the over-screening approach in the design. Like Amazon’s just-walk-out shopping experience. No screen to self checkout. Yes, there is a screen to do the initial setup, but after it, the entire experience is totally screenless. Inspired from the conversation I had last time, I am going to find more.