38: Is it possible to setup reminder automatically, without me telling it?

Honestly, busy at work in the last few weeks, and then another surprise with tight deadline a week ago. My whole team had to drop everything and fully focused on the surprise. I was not able to spare my brain for anything else. Hence, nothing interesting comes out.

Of course, the initial motivation of this blog was not trying to force myself to have something written once a while, instead, it was meant to help myself discover keep track of nonsense, so one day I can find my calling.

Nothing is really interesting, but I was just thinking a moment ago.

As my personal computer (I only write this blog on my own computer at home, never work computer), a.k.a, my most trust assistant, it knows that I have been doing this blogging like 3 or 4 times a month, or visit this website once a while. Is it possible for it to automatically remind me to come here, if I haven’t done so for a while?

The question is: when, and will I like it?

We all have deleted automatic emails sent by any website without even reading them. I always try to disable any mailing list. How can an auto reminder be unintrusive and useful? Not like this guy: