17: A comics about a cat adventurer

I was watching secret life of pets 2 with my kid in the movie theater, and then I suddenly had this idea: I want to draw a comics about a cat adventurer.

I always want to draw a comics, but I never have a good topic. Now I find it!

No, this is not a normal cat story. I came back home and wrote down the script of the pilot plot.

Unfortunately, I can’t share it here. But I really did write it down.

I also did some research online, there are tons of comics using cats as characters:



Good that I haven’t found anything similar.

My idea is not like this one either:

Nor is this one:

But I need to be careful about the story. At least I did some research about similar story.

Now I need to learn how to draw cats, many different cats.

I know, but no one says I have to know how to do a thing before deciding to do it.

It’s more important if I want to do it, and then is how much I want to learn to finish it.