23: A reality show for family moving

In the last couple weeks, I have been very busy in preparing moving to a different place. All documents are done, and we have started moving stuff over. Last 2 weeks, almost every day I drove over 50 miles back and forth to take care of things in both places. Not fun at all. In addition to regular job, the kid, the cat, and yard work, then I have to spare some time to train my run.

I was exhausted.

I don’t think I will have time to watch Strange Thing 3 any time soon.

Then I realize this: how come there is never a reality TV show about people moving? Sure, there is House Hunter. But that’s not really what I am thinking.

Here is what I am thinking:

The show name: Moving

Each episode, a family is moving to a different city. They will discuss what to move and what to toss. People never move everything. When I was relocated cross border, I did a garage sale and sold a lot of things no longer used or needed. This time we are moving, we also will leave some items behind.

Now the host will come in, ask them what things the family will leave behind, walk through their current home, and discuss where they will go to.


Every show must have a conflict. In this one, say, husband and wife will argue what things they don’t want, what neighborhood they want to move to, what new things they want to buy, etc. Next the host will offer advise on mainly 2 things:

  1. help them locate a new place in the desired neighborhood;
  2. help them organize what need to be moved, or repurpose the items the family does not work

For 1, yes, it may sound like House Hunter, but it’s different. Because House Hunter mostly is for buying a house, in this show, it could be looking for a temporary home, so the family can easily adapt the new city.

For 2, it will be a little similar to Flea Market Flip. Something like, how to make the things a family does not want to something totally different, and place them in their new home to bring their memory back, all those BS.

This show will focus on the drama from the stress due to moving, as well as the city exploratory with some house hunting and room design factor. Nowadays it is very common for people to relocate because of work, so it already has a very large audience base. I think it will be an interesting show.


Actually, no.

I just read what I wrote. This show will probably be very boring. Who wants to watch people relocate, flip old stuff, and look for a way on adapting a new place?

Most people are only interested in this kind of reality show: