22: write my own Kusto Explorer

This morning when I was running out there, I finally reach out this idea: I need to write my own Kusto Query Explorer, because this thing is terrible. It is extremely painful to watch someone else to use it too. I think the latter is the worst. When I see someone else is struggling with some software, I have to do something. Give me a week.

too busy lately (will explain in my next). I did create a solution and put something in it, but far away from being ready. Probably will be the project for next month.

Update again: (2020/02/18)

I gave up, because I really don’t have time to finish.

The vanilla Kusto Query Explorer is very awkward to use. Something I really want to improve are:

  • intelli-sense
  • the query window:
    one thing particularly –> differentiate the environment of the current query, e.g. I should be able to mark a window as “production”, so it will alarm me if I am doing any update.
  • the result view
  • git integrated of the editing function

I may still do this thing if I have more time later this year. But I don’t see it happen in a few months.