25: Moving planner and Auto-box machine

Moving Planner

Recently just finished a move, about 30 miles. Moving is really exhausting. I told my new neighbor that I wished there were a profession called moving planner. Why not? There is wedding planner. People spend a year to plan a wedding. The planner will follow you, help you find dress, book cakes, reserve bands, and so on. Don’t see the value of having such a long dragging experience, but some people love it, so I won’t judge.

Then why can’t we have a moving planner?

A moving planner will provide guidance about moving, such as:

  • what services should I stop at the old place, start at the new place;
  • how do I pack my stuff?
  • how do I unpack my stuff?
  • help me book all the appointments I need, including moving company;
  • help me design (decide) where my stuff go in my new place.
  • arrange my meals in my moving day….

A person will make a family’s moving as easy as possible.

I did not do any research if such a career exists, maybe it does, maybe someone has tried doing it. However, I am not sure if I will really hire this person, since moving may be quite personal.

I just put away a box for my cat, and then I realized I packed my unwashed running socks with all the cat stuff. I certainly will not want a stranger to know that, unless I am writing on Internet.

But my neighbor did say he would use this service if he really has to move again. So if anyone is interested, give it a try.

Auto-Box Machine

Putting stuff in boxes is definitely not fun. But it is nice to see a lot of stuff disappear in boxes. We do write down simple notes on the boxes to describe what’s in this box. Unfortunately, after 20-30 boxes, you will reach a point that you don’t care anymore.

Next, after everything finally arrives at the other place, all boxes are stacked together at first. As long as we have clothes to change, we really don’t want to know what’s in the box. Now after 6 days, we still have about 20 boxes stay sealed. We did unpack many other boxes, and put them in somewhere. Here are the problems: I¬†have no idea what things have been out, and what things are still in one of those boxes.¬†

What if we can have a machine that automatically pack my stuff, and label them. The digital information is synced with the entire family.

The machine is simple.

  • I insert the item to the machine.
  • The machine scans the item.
  • If it still fits in the next box, puts it in; otherwise, prompts me a smaller item.
  • It identifies the item and adds to the box item list.
  • In the end, it prints a code on the box, and seals the box.

This is basically just a Knapsack Problem.

The digital code on the box must have a special feature. Once the box is opened, it sends a signal to server, which will sync down to my account to record that this box is opened at what day and what time. So I will know which items have been moved out from the box.

This thing seems to be doable; unfortunately, I don’t think it will be practical as home use, in terms of size and price.