26: Missing Feature in Strava

I have been a Strava user for over 5 years. Not a paid user though. So I do not know if it is really a missing feature, because it may already be one of the premium feature.

What I feel it is missing is recommended running routine.

I recently just moved, hence I am still exploring new routes, while I am recovering from the moving fatigue. I started with some short-distance run, and then went to some mid-distance.

Strava knows everything about me, including my regular weekly distance and where I usually run.

If you are a user, you may have seen something like this:

So it knows how long and where I have been running.

Then it could provide some recommendations such as:

Strava: Do you want suggestions of routes in this neighborhood?

Me: Yes


Strava: Please select options:
– 5k or under
– 10K or under
– 20K or under
– 20K over

A user can select to explore what possible running routes nearby. We can also explore the elevation and things to look out, for example:

  • I was running a new route, and did not expect such a big climb, followed by steep downhill.
  • One of the new route has a few blocks without side walk.

Those information will be very useful for a runner trying new routine.